Will Las Vegas Rule the Internet

With all the online casino web-site popping up everywhere and Nevada is trying to legalize internet gambling. Do you think the US will legalize online gambling ? If they pass the law and legalize internet gambling and all the casinos in Las Vegas start their own online web-site. What do you think will happen to all the others unknown web-site that doesn’t have a land base casino??

Thank you, Sam



That’s a good question, and one that is becoming more prevalent with each passing day, especially as of late.

The legalization of online gambling in the United States is, perhaps, the most pressing issue facing the industry today. Because the vast majority of the world’s online gamblers emanate from with U.S. borders, the issue of legalization will have a definite impact on its future.

As you may know, Nevada is currently debating the merits of making Internet gambling legal. On Wednesday, April 24, the state Legislature voted 37-2 in favor of legalizing online gambling. The bill makes it legal for casinos to accept wagers from Nevada residents. But a $1 million licensing fee attached to the bill did not receive the necessary two-thirds majority required for passage. As a result, both bills were sent back to the legislature for second vote.

On Thursday, they addressed the fee issue and reached a compromise that saw licensing fees drop from $1 million to $500,000 and taxes on the hardware required to start up and online casinos fall from 10 percent to 6.25 percent.

But it must be approved by the State Senate and signed by the governor, Kenny Guinn. Additionally, the Nevada Gaming Commission must also establish licensing regulations for online casinos, and combined with all of the other delays, Nevada’s first online casino could be two years away from setting up shop.

No matter what the outcome in Nevada might be, the decision to make gambling over the Internet legal could be challenged because the federal government maintains that online gambling is illegal.

With respect to how the entry of Nevada’s land-based casinos into the Internet fray will affect the current crop of online operators, that remains to be seen.

Casinos such as the MGM Grand will benefit from the branding their name has already earned from being a staple of Las Vegas’ land-based casino ring for so many years.

But the wonderful thing about the Internet, is that it affords, if not equal, then at least a fair opportunity for smaller start-up companies to challenge the big boys. In order for a “small guy” to set up shop and challenge the Mirage on the Vegas Strip, he would require hundreds of millions of dollars just to get his land-based casino off the ground and running.

On the Internet, however, all it takes is good word of mouth and some clever marketing ideas to have your online casino mentioned on sites, message boards and newsgroups throughout the world.

So while the advent of legalized online gaming in Nevada would appear to shift the power to the “old boys network” in Las Vegas, the Internet is still an emerging medium and what works on soil, doesn’t always translate into success online.

Whatever happens, ruotsalaiset peliyhtiöt ovat alkaneet listautua pörssiin the biggest benefactors will be the players. The more competition there is online, casino operators will have to fight harder to earn your gambling dollar, and that can only benefit you and I.

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Internet Gambling – Is it Addictive?

Internet gambling and gambling sites are a multi-billion dollar manufacture that module not be achievement forth anytime soon. But why all the worry? Asymptomatic, researchers expect that Internet play is even more addictive than conventional cards gambling. An article in the writing Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, stated: “The availability of Internet vice may pulling individuals who essay out scattered and unidentified contexts for their game behaviors.”